Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This update to appease Jason Qualls whom I adore

So needless to say, I am loving being back in Kirksville and my freaking adorable apartment that I get to live in. I'm also a big fan of my roommate and neighbors. And clearly I am a big fan of all of my friends because last night was sooooo much fun. Decision: I need to play pogs with Bregs and spend every night with drunk Kelly! I'm not entirely sure how one evening could go from tense to epic, but what an accomplishment.

I'm so glad it's only Wednesday so that more events such as this can occur! Although perhaps not in our apartment when Steve is trying to sleep cause that had to suck for him. Another ideal change would be the boxes not being spread all over my floor...cause those things are easy to trip on late at night in the dark when you are lacking certain amounts of sobriety.

Looking forward to choices, since I get to see slut Joanna...again. I sincerely hope she is not permanently type-cast as a whore, shes too darn cute for that.

Well it is too early to continue posting, so enjoy this update blog stalkers and know that I love you.