Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Captain's Blog: 7/23

I am on empty. My battery is a little on the low side, and although I'm pretty sure that they are trying to make me feel a little guilty about not going to bear lake, I'm happy to be sitting and doing nothing. I have hit a wall, and hopefully will be rejuvenated in time to go back downtown this afternoon.

I also needed a break from the little girls, because hearing "Hey Molly, Hey Molly, Hey Molly" all the time is getting a little tiring.

The captain is frazzled, and on the look out for bears. =(

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Captain's Blog: 7/20

There are a few things that I have realized thus far on this trip:
1. I am apparently being used as cheap babysitting for part of this trip. This has lead me to re-think my idea of having four children. It has become slightly overwhelming. Also these same children that I am watching are now telling me that "I stink" at games they are given an advantage at because they are 8 and 4! Frustration.
2. I am blending my personality with that of my family to try and feel less like an outcast, but I'm not sure I want to pick up those traits.

5 more days to go...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Captain's Blog: 7/19 - part 2

We have arrived in Colorado to a beautiful cabin. It is heavenly. It will be more heavenly when I can crawl into the hot tub of an evening with a spiked beverage. Just one of the many plans for this voyage.

Family moral is still high, although complaining is already taking place about certain family members. The room situation was resolved though, and with ease.

Only a few disasters so far in this adventure: moms car stopped running part of the way up the mountain where we had quite a time trying to figure out why the heck it stopped. It was a frightening experience. It seems to be running fine now. Also when on a trip to the grocery store my aunt locked her keys in the trunk and required rescue. This stranded four family members and required two to get them unstuck.

Everything else is amazing. Serious consideration is being made about moving here after college. Certification for the state of Colorado in the department of Education cannot be too difficult. It would probably be easier than getting use to the lack of oxygen in this state. Downside to move would be driving through Kansas to see family...I have developed a serious dislike of Kansas.

Captain's Blog: 7/19

I find Kansas to be a miserable state. It is unGodly long and I swear it will never end. Thankfully this is the last day of mass driving and by the end of this day I will be in a Colorado cabin. This will only happen if I can manage to get out of the frickin state of Kansas.

Family affairs appear to be alright for now. I am concerned for the two hours in the car with my aunt Liz because I am pretty confident that I will lose it if I have to stop at an antique mall rather than continue to blaze the trail to Colorado. I am German and unscheduled stops make me uneasy.

If I hear one more comment about how awesome The Dark Knight is I might cry. I couldn't even find a movie theater in this dumb Kansas town, so now I have to find a way to sneak off and see it in Colorado without getting some stupid lecture about how I could do that anytime at home.

I know this post may seem a little bitter, but I am actually looking forward to being in the mountains. I'm very excited about it in fact, but I need to get through all this driving through flatlands over with first. Plus this trip came at the most inconvenient time for my social life. Go figure.

I will blog again! Until then best wishes from Colby Kansas.
-The Captain

Monday, July 14, 2008


Emma's party was absolutely amazing as it always is. A total blast, I love getting to spend time with those guys. Plus, who doesn't love a good time on a playground?!

I feel as though I've been running around like a crazy person for most of this month. But for feeling that way I cant really recall what I've been doing. Finishing stats was pretty damn exciting! I also just kept thinking that we would leave for Colorado shortly after stats was over, but now that stats is actually over I am not yet prepared to leave. I know that I will love it and have fun (which is what everyone keeps telling me) but I can't help but think about all the things/people I'll be missing. Like Maggie's Birthday and The Dark Knight premier! In all honesty as pathetic as it may seem I will probably shed a few tears on my vacation due to how sad I am that I'm missing things. Plus after five days my family will probably make me nuts lol.

For those of you who would want to be get in touch with me while I am gone, I will have ZERO cell phone reception. I should have internet though, and I will be taking the laptop so facebook or e-mail are your ways of reaching me.

If you're reading this, I love you! =)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Let me tell you how great my life is

My FABULOUS weekend!:
Friday: The fourth! I spent it in the traditional fashion with my family and their friends and the Hartman's. It was a total blast, and the best part was probably walking home slightly intoxicated with my mom and then continuing the party by listening to "I love the 80's". We danced to "Girls Just Wanna have Fun" and thought about how awful we would feel the next day. It was fantastic!
Saturday: I had an unplanned lunch with Kyle which was great. Kyle always tells me when I'm being crazy and he for some reason keeps me sane. Plus we always have the best lunch of things like licorice, cheez-its, frozen pizza, and pineapple. This of course just led to my evening with Alan, which without being too mushy, was one of the best dates I've ever had in my life.
Sunday: I had a mom-date day where we bought new shoes, had a great lunch, saw a movie, and then ate a large amount of pasta and cheesecake. It was another great date.

Then my weekend continued into one pretty great week:
Monday: Joe, Becca, and I actually went to class. Afterwards we got a delicious Mexican lunch, then went to Joe's and did our homework. Then we played with Joe's dog Boomer (my new best friend!), played pool, and then I kicked their butts in Wii bowling. I spent the afternoon and evening with my daddy eating lots of food and catching up on Lost. SPLENDID!

Now I'm waiting for 5:30 so I can go party for Emma's 21st Birthday!