Sunday, June 29, 2008

Emotastic, apologies.

I thought my car breaking down would result mostly in sympathy for how much this week will suck since I have to hobo my way to class/work, and congratulations in how well I handled the situation considering I have zero prep. in that department.
However, as usual something miserable for me is made into a giant suck-fest by the unsolvable hate between my parents. I'm not entirely sure what it is about bad situations for me that fuels this undying battle between them, but this would be no exception. This is the point where my dad is being unhelpful mostly because he is trying to punish me for not seeing him as often as I should, and my mom is pissed because my dad is being lame. And naturally this always progresses into me learning something fun and twisted about their failed marriage, leading into my questioning my worthwhile existence. These two people should never have been allowed to reproduce with one another.
In my spare time from that little inner monologue I'm trying to find rides.
I am not nice right now, and my desire to be nice is zero.
I need a hug.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Absolutely I do

First thing is first, I re-read some old blog posts, and have decided some things need to be redacted. Mainly my comment about my stats friends because I adore them now and have a blast in that class with them. I think I was in an off mood that day, anyway...long story short, stats friends = good.

On a much more eccentric note I felt a lot like Jim Halpert today. I had a momentary lapse of judgment yesterday and agreed to have someone come out and give an estimate on replacing all of the windows. Yes, I agreed to have someone give an estimate on the house that I do not own, and have no legal claim over. This happened because I believe somehow that this would get me back to watching Star Wars faster. So today rolls around my estimate time is set up for one, and the guy is here at one on the dot. The estimate begins, he measures all the windows in the house, and as he does so he asks me questions like, "how long have you owned the house?", "Do you live alone?", "how long have you been looking to replace these windows?". Now, I decided the best plan of action is to create an elaborate lie that builds off of me being the owner of this house that I've owned for 6 years. So the measuring is done and we are at the part of the presentation where this man talks for half an hour about his company and the windows. Let me tell ya, I can give you mass amounts of information on these windows. MASS AMOUNTS. During his half hour presentation I have completely accepted my role as homeowner and being to act in such a manner by doing the following things:
- I claimed that I wasn't sure I could part with the picture window because it just went so lovely with the boxwoods I planted
- I inquired about how the nylon screen would hold up with a cat in the house
- I gushed over how sublime it would be to no longer have to clean the windows from the outside
As this man leaves I have an estimate giving me a summer sales discount, and a discount for educators (since I'm obviously a teacher at a daycare, at least I am in the world where I have owned this house for 6 years) plus a lovely brochure. He was here for an hour, and I have to believe in my heart of hearts that he did not buy my story about owning this house. However, if he did it is safe to assume that I am a really good actress or a pathological liar.

I sincerely hope this story has entertained you.

Monday, June 23, 2008

A List

Things that I have hated about this day:
- almost getting clobbered by a giant SUV on my way to class
- getting yelled at by my professor for like 5 minutes
- hitting the curb while parking and hearing that awful crunch sound
- not having AC
- being a lame girlfriend
- having my mom tell me that my boyfriends reaction to not seeing me was probably "relieved"
- realizing that I may not be able to go to Maggie's birthday
- a chocolate melting in my purse all over my stuff
- locking my keys in my car
- someone taking my parking spot right in front of my house

Things that made this day bearable:
- complaining to Zach
- AC getting fixed
- X-Men the animated series with Kyle, Jen, and Kate

The con list wins this round.

I would crawl into bed and pull the covers over my head if it wasn't obnoxiously hot! =(

The End.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Molly's day of Krista!

I talked to Krista on the phone for a long time today, and I have currently reached the point of slap happiness with our facebook chat conversation. It makes me miss her lots and really miss friend mixers. I think I speak for Krista as well when I say that we want friend mixers back, and air conditioning!

There really is nothing else worth blogging about. Well nothing else that you all don't already know about.

I'm going to try and sleep in this God awful heat. =/ But first:

- My taste in movies =)
- Krista being a creeper
- Unimportant texts to Joanna
- Being momo lol

Monday, June 9, 2008

If your body matches what your eyes can do

so I feel like a jerk cause I've been so out of touch with everyone lately. Like I have no idea what is up with Emily, Krista, Kim, Kelly, and I had to hang up on Joanna due to inappropriate language lol. I suppose I haven't been that busy, but it feels like it with school, work, and a social life. It's hard to balance.

So I guess the point of this sweet blog entry is that I'm sorry for being pretty space cadet lately. It is not intentional, it is due to my lack of organizational skills. Rest assured that I think you are adorable, and hate not talking to you.

The lyrics that are my title are from that song on the radio that is somehow always playing when I'm on my way home from school. School is going fine except for I hate all the effort involved in it, it makes me feel like I have little summer, and I'm bored with my stats friends. Which seems mean, but I don't really know what else to say. They are really nice but I feel like I have little to say to them. They are really concerned with appearing cool and old. I dunno, it's hard to explain.

I have nothing else to say! I might go get a pineapple shake to help me hate statistics homework one should have homework in June.

Sunday, June 1, 2008


I just watched, repeating to myself "she thinks that it's farther back". I was powerless though, helpless to utter any sound or make any gesture that might stop the inevitable destruction. So I just watched. Watched, in slow motion, as my mother's brand new shiny Barcelona red Toyota sport glided gracefully right into my unsuspecting fire engine red hubcap lacking baby. And then there was the dreaded crunch, followed immediately by the classic looks of shock. It had happened, both of our first accidents with our new cars, simultaneously.

Barcelona Red Damage: 3 dings
Fire Engine Red Damage: 0