Saturday, May 31, 2008

Something Clever

So this week has been extremely busy, and I will start this blog by breaking it down.
Mon: Yard work all day
Tues: License
Weds: Dinner with Jo and Steve
Thurs: My entire life fell apart briefly, but was fixed by 5pm. And I hip hop danced with Jo and Val. Plus talking to Alan till an ungodly time of the morning.
Fri: RP Party, smashing success.
Sat: I did F'ing nothing because I was exhausted and needed sleep for my poor brain. Although I did talk to Emily thank God, my head was at the point of explosion.

Uhm, I really have very little to write now, for some reason this evening I've been fighting this unbelievably strong feeling of sad. It's tragic and unexplainable. I'm thinking the best solution may be to go to bed and start fresh tomorrow.
To my loyal readers (stalkers, this means you): Sorry this particular entry is lame. I do solemnly swear to do better next time.

Monday, May 26, 2008


Okay so not to influence anyone’s opinion of this movie, but I feel the need to vent. So I have heard really good things about this movie, and the first time I tried to watch it I couldn’t because the camera work was making me insane, and slightly sick. I really wanted to see it though so I deal with the camera crap and sit down to watch it. Some parts of this movie are very J.J. Abrams, but I am also kinda disappointed in him. The movie was creative, but over all I’m not too impressed, and I’m slightly disgruntled that I’m not impressed. I expected more from you J.J. Although I was use to having no F’ing clue what was going on, I was aggravated by it. In my personal opinion the movie didn’t live up to the hype that was created for it. Sad sauce.

However, you should of course judge for yourself.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I'm pirating wireless internet while sitting in my bathtub

That is true. My home internet won't work for some reason, probably due to the storm. So now I'm sitting in my bathtub pirating the internet from some folks who live one street over. A big thanks to them!

So I'm not entirely sure what has happened since the last time I posted. So I will just write some random things that have happened.

1. My "A" key is sticking, which is really obnoxious. I also never realized how often I use that damn key, until now of course when it is acting goofy. Ugh.
2. Work on Friday was really chaotic, and therefore I am rethinking my four kids plan. I know, I know, you are probably really happy about this Adam. And for the love of God I do not want seven kids so get that number out of your head! Sorry for that mini rant at Adam.
3. Friday night I had a date night with my mom which was actually a lot of fun. I mean my mom and me typically have a lot of fun together, but this was like pretty sweet. We had a pretty good time today planting. Although, every year I remember planting as being more fun than it actually is...
4. So I got to hang out with Alan on Saturday night, and I have to say that I adore talking with him. I just always really enjoy my conversations with him, no matter what they are about.
5. I created a new delicious drink today! It is mango passion fruit juice, with amaretto liquor, and a little bit of cherry juice. It tastes even better with sour mix in it. Overall, a very delightful drink.
6. I am dying for the sun to come back so that I can wear my new swimsuit! These thunderstorms (although I love them) are starting to bug me.
7. I miss KVille people... =( Seriously, I almost peed my pants with Temple called I was so excited. And convos with Jo are like the best thing ever. I am thrilled for dinner on Wednesday with Steve and Jo so that things will feel kind of KVille normal. Summer is shaping up to be fantastic, but I am also greatly looking forward to next year.

That is all the entertainment I can provide for now!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Glorious Reunion!

This has been one fantastic week thus far!

Monday: Spent some quality time watching a movie with my dad which was fun, and saw the new fancy car he bought. Which is a pretty hot car, so props to him for that. Then that night I had my date with Alan. Fantastic. 'Nuf said.

Tuesday: My first day of work! I have found some of my babies that I had to leave last summer to go back to school. Kenny, Ella, and Carolyn are all in Butterfly room now and they are soooo big! It was actually really amazing to see them again. Plus all of the girls I worked with are still there, and Shelly is pregnant!! She's having a baby girl in a few weeks, which is so thrilling because she really wanted to start her family last summer.

Wednesday: Family reunion!!! By this of course I mean I got to see Kyle and Kate Kloster my sistor! Having them around again is such a wonderful thing. I always have a blast just sitting around with them. We watched some TV and ate an entire pizza in record time, which may have been a mistake, but a delicious mistake. I missed mocking Kyle with Kate, and I missed Kyle hugs. They are like home on some level.

I baked a cake today with caramel frosting, and it is delicious. I felt very Susie Homemaker.
I'm working again Friday in the cuddle bug aka baby room, and am looking forward to it since it is my favorite of the rooms. Although it does mean that i have to learn all new babies, boo.
After a facebook check I'm off to bed. I'm not sure how I get so tired doing nothing, but somehow I do.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

"He's old!!"

Krista is the hero of many.

Friend Mixer 3 was a huge success, which means, we are capable of being friends when we aren't in Kirksville. That is good to know. It was a total blast, as usual. I am impressed that we all fit comfortably in my little house, but we did. I think anyway. Kim and I bonded over trying to be less girly, and I'm pretty pumped about that.

I got a car! Now if only I could legally drive it...

I'm currently trying to make one fantastic summer mix cd, so if you have any suggestions, please oh please tell me. Thus far the mood of the cd ranges from "Here it Goes Again" and "Gay Bar" to "Question" and "American Pie". For the record "Question" by Rhett Miller might be my favorite song right now. 6 hours of sleep was not enough from last night. Goodnight!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Home: Day 3

At times I feel optimistic, and at others I feel like I'm beating my head against a brick wall. <-- if you know what this is in reference to then you should probably say nice things to me.

Fun fact about moving back: my dad lectured me about my grammer on the way home. What?? He is also going to be published, go daddy!

I have successfully turned my book money into cute new clothes. It's like magic. The best kind of magic that there is. However, whilst on my shopping spree with my momma a twighlight zone-esque thing occured. I ran into three ex-boyfriends at places that I frequent. THREE! In one day! There should be a law. It was awkward and I hate the whole "how are things going for you? We should catch up sometime" thing, because it just seems fake. Probably because it is fake, because ex-boyfriends (at least the ones you would refer to as ex-boyfriends and not the ones that you would just refer to as friends) don't want to catch up. Anyway, it just really threw me for a loop. Plus I don't think Jo's sarcastic solution of "Stop dating people" is really going to help me at this point.

If I talk to you on a semi-regular basis, I miss you. But for now, there is a brick wall calling my name.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Another entertaining blog post for Emily Temple

Emily I'm not sure why you are in my last three blog entries, maybe cause I know you read them. But this blog post is not about you, so I shall get down to the fun stuff.

Friend Mixer 2: Could it have been more fun? Correct answer is clearly no. I loved every minute, except for that god awful Trumen weird video about Real guys. Lame. However, more than made up for with Nightmare and getting to shriek at Maggie. =) Apologies again Mags, I had to do what the Gatekeeper told me to! You guys are just lucky Joanna and Garry won before Alan started screaming. Overall, a very very fun and amazing friend mixer. We need to continue these next year, cause I will literally be devastated if I lose you all. This may seem sappy, but I tend to get sappy at the end of the year, I feel really fortunate to have been given the opportunity to get to know all of you from friend mixer. Going to Rachael's St. Pat's party was probably the smartest thing I did all year. I sincerely mean that.

Reading Day: I have decided that I hate economics and the family structure because I do not want to read 30 pages on each. And sociology books shouldn't even be allowed to have a chapter on social change...THAT'S THE POINT OF SOCIOLOGY! On the bright side, I got the best study break ever on my date (?) with Alan. That was an absolutely fantastic time. Damn summer and gray area.

My roommate brought me a muffin...and for some reason that makes me sentimental about leaving WCS 4105 forever. I turn into a big sappy baby at the end of the year. Usually there are ridiculous notes that I write to everyone talking about the year and how much I adore them. So if you get obnoxious facebook messages that are really dorky, and sickeningly sweet...sorry. I kinda do that sometimes. =/

<3 Time for more reading on Gay and Lesbian couples!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Who posts during finals week?

I should really be writing that damn hist and lit paper but I have already taken two finals today, and I cannot make myself read act four, so I am allowing for a small break.

Let's address this weekend, shall we?
Friday: Who isn't happy when Joanna is in all leather? Besides Joanna. In all seriousness though, she was pretty fantastic (no surprise there) and Emily with Rachael was AMAZING! One of the single greatest things I've seen this year. I worship them both. Plus Cherish inspired me to be a whore, which she didn't quite take as the compliment I meant it to be. =)

Saturday: Saturday was honestly one of the best times I've had at Truman this year. It's been pretty hard to re-capture the magic that I felt Freshman year here, but Saturday accomplished that and then some. Final Blowout was a blast, WCS and Ryle pulling together and working as one unstoppable machine. Brilliant. Then Ladies Night?! How lucky am I? I've pretty much rocked out to Bregenzer's mix all week during studying, and I have so much fun getting to be girly with such lovely ladies. Plus we looked pretty cannot deny that. Everything leads up to one fantastic Banquet! It was a wonderful night and nothing could compare to it. Dancing around for four hours was surprisingly exactly what I needed. And in the end, sorry to all of you who picked the shiny dress, I am glad that I chose my black halter dress.

Banquet gave me some stuff to think about which will have to wait until after finals which is kind of ironic, since once finals are won't matter. lol.

Despite daunting amounts of work, I am in high spirits. I wish the same for all of you. And if you are still reading this...GO STUDY!