Sunday, January 11, 2009


These are my somewhat delayed resolutions for this new year (of awkward?):
1. Be optimistic - I'm a huge pessimist and I'm cynical about pretty much everything, so to be less obnoxious and depressing I am going to try and keep a positive outlook on all things. I may need help with this.
2. Less crying - I'm not sure why my immediate reaction to most things is to cry, but that needs to stop. I am going to work on this. If you were around last night, you are aware of what I'm talking about.
3. Balance - my life is way unbalanced, and I need to fix that! I am going to make a serious effort to keep the things that I love in my life balanced.
4. Organization* - If you know me at all this is self explanatory.
*This includes trying to make my bed more often. I'm a total hobo.
5. Cook more - fast food needs to become a four letter word to me. I desperately need to start cooking more healthy meals rather than eat microwavable food, or food that you can buy for less than 4 dollars. That cannot be good for you...

I plan on making a serious attempt on all of these resolutions, they will probably be slow progressions. But I guarantee that I will make an effort on all of them!